Mix materials for more freedom

Assemble materials to create unique eyewear, the quirky style and display a casual and trendy look , this is our desire in COQLUCHE .

Our eyewear are imagined and created in France in our workshop , they have a unique design and will offer new perspectives , far from the classic standard , if you dare to take the plunge.

The universe COQLUCHE is primarily a casual style where details make the difference. The look of sunglasses is and will remain timeless, but their differences and elegance are found in assemblies and details that alone will make them unique.

Born to show a vision of discovery!

Mix materials to create textures , different reflections in each moment, but also create unique sensations reflect a modern, dynamic society and provide an ideal concept for everyday wear. We believe that a good product is made by details and passion.

The discovery , daring to cross caps , dare to challenge themselves and realize their dreams is what we want you to do. Living to 200% with no compromise , in COQLUCHE we adapted this doctrine to transcribe our eyewear so they follow you everywhere and for everything: sport, party , relax, work ... why make a choice when you can have it all.