Our BlackAbsorptionLighting technology

Our BlackAbsorptionLighting technology

Today, we will tell you more about the technology that equips our solar for outdoor sports.

First of all, we specify again that our solar are multidisciplinary, unlike many other solar, the range IGUAZU adapt to all types of sport thanks to their weight, their maintenance, the size of their glass and their look.

Our BlackAbsorptionLighting technology developed by our designer team CoqLuche works on the physical principle that to black color to absorb light by capturing it. When practicing an outdoor sport, the light intensity may vary, but especially the light comes both directly from the sun, but also light rays reflected on the ground. These reflecting rays are often unfiltered and not considered by other solar, at CoqLuche, we decided to block as much as possible to ensure better vision.

The simple principle of absorption by black light, like football players and their black lines under the eyes, our treatment is applied under glasses. The black you see on our models IGUAZU is not trivial. In addition to the most aesthetic, it has a real utility to reduce by nearly 35% reflected light treated by your polarized lenses.

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