Wood vs Acetate

Wood vs Acetate
For our 2017 models, a question came back in a loop in the workshop, the whole team wondered in order to answer a real question: keep our wooden front of our model RIO or replace it with an imitation acetate wood?
The question had to be asked following the fragility noted. Indeed, the success of our model RIO was done on its print AND its wooden face. But the constraints of wood both, for optimal use as a pair of glasses, as for production issues, has given us much thought. You are a few to have noticed a fragility on the wooden front.
Indeed, breaks are unfortunately more frequent because the product is fragile and you can not practice all activities with a pair of wooden bezel, that you could do with a pair of acetate bezel. In addition, its storage, too, must be more precautionary than a standard bezel. We will also reveal the problems that we had on our side at the workshop for manufacturing.
The wood, on thin sections, such as glasses or the passage of the nose, becomes extremely brittle. When machining the front faces, we have many losses, it is the same when we just insert our glasses. You must know that the glasses are mounted on all frames by "forcing" to come clip them. This action imply strong constraints on the material and on the front (this is why we also could not offer to trade the glasses on the wood faces).
We did not want to reiterate the risks and disappointments for our 2017 model. We wanted a pair of sunshine with which you can do activities without fear of breakage. That's why we made the decision to imitate wood on the front.
We agreed with the whole team that the imitation should be bluffing both visually and at the touch. Task that promised to be rather difficult. We then chose a multi-ply acetate that was close to the wood we used and we worked it in such ways to reproduce by touch and a fibrous texture like wood. We are proud of it, and we can assure you, when you receive your 2017 RIO glasses, you will wonder if it is indeed imitation because the resemblance is misleading and you will be able to sport a noisy look without worry and without any more breaks!
We hope that you will understand this choice and this decision, we were able to challenge ourselves and evolve our first model in order to always satisfy you and make COQLUCHE a real French brand of telescope assuming its DNA and its universe.
The Coqluche team

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